Netanyahu: PM ‘failed leader’ who is shirking responsibility

day after the Winograd Committee published its final report, opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu used the opportunity on Thursday to blast Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, calling him a failed leader who refuses to take responsibility for badly managing the Second Lebanon War.

“No government in Israel has ever decided to go to war with so much national and international support, including from the opposition” Netanyahu said during a press conference following a meeting with Likud party members.

“No government has ever gone to war with such an advantage over the enemy. Since the Independence War, no government has ever been given so much time to win on the battlefield. But as the Winograd Committee wrote, for the first time Israel didn’t win a war,” Netanyahu said.

With this assessment, the opposition leader went on to praise the country’s soldiers, saying that they were not the ones to blame, but rather the “amateur government [was] responsible for the failure.”

“The committee decided that the three captains were personally responsible,” Netanyahu continued. “Two took responsibility, but the third, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, refuses to do so.

“He refuses to take responsibility [and] refuses to do what most of the public expects him to do.”

The opposition leader also once again called on Labor chairman and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to follow through with his primary campaign pledge and quit the coalition.

“[Barak] knows that the public expects him to ensure that this failed leadership does not
continue,” Netanyahu said.

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